Top Tips
Routine Maintenance

To keep your bicycle running as efficiently as possible and for as long as possible, it’s well worth setting aside some regular time for maintenance. Here are a few pointers:

Give it a wash! It may sound obvious, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. A clean machine will always function better and the longer dirt and dust hangs around, the more likely it is to work its way into bearings and other moving parts. A bike-specific wash such as Muc-Off Bike Spray will get the job done while being kind to your components, and while a sponge or rag works for most areas there is a good range of brushes available to get into the nooks and crannies. Remember to keep soap and oily cleaners away from disc brakes and rotors and do not use pressure washers or powerful hoses, as these can breach the weather seals on your components and electrics. 

Regularly clean and lube your drivetrain. This area generally requires a little extra attention, as chain lube will, over time, gather dirt and store it in hard to reach places like between the cassette sprockets. Removing this grime before relubrication of the chain will ensure that your drivetrain parts last longer. A powerful degreaser such as Muc-Off often comes in handy here. 

Clean your braking surfaces. An aerosol disc brake cleaner works wonders on both disc brake rotors and the braking surfaces of rims. Simply spray on, and wipe away with a clean cloth. Keep an eye on your pads too. Don't let them get too low before replacing them

Wipe down your battery. If your electric bike features a removable battery then keeping it, and it’s connections, clean is key to consistently good performance. Take it out of the housing, and wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. The contacts should be clean, and lightly greased. 

Store your battery safely. When you put your Ebike away, ensure that your battery is removed where possible and stored in a dry place at room temperature, if left in the cold the life of your battery will be reduced. Don’t charge your battery completely and then leave ‘full’ for long periods of time, batteries should be kept between 30% and 60% capacity when not in use. 

Get a regular service. To keep your bike in tip-top condition, we would recommend that just like a car your bike is inspected and adjusted by one of our technicians on at least an annual basis (maybe more often depending on mileage and usage). 

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Pre-Ride Essential Checks

Before you go out for a spin, it's good practice to do some basic safety checks on your bike to make sure it's ok to ride. It is often called an M-Check. Watch our video to see how to perform an M-Check on your bike.