What We Do
The Bike Surgery

Keeping your bike running perfectly - that's what we do. We love bikes, we've loads of tools and the knowledge to fix, service or repair your bike, electric or non-electric as long as it has two wheels (or even 3) just leave it up to us!


Our fully equipped workshops are class leading. We handle all bicycle repairs from simple puncture fixes through to complex builds and repairs.


All of our technicians are insured and Bosch & Cytech qualified. Your bike is safe in our hands, we have expert staff who have 10 years plus experience in bike repair industry who pride themselves in keeping all your components in perfect running condition so that every ride is an enjoyable experience.



We normally do repairs on same day/next day and we carry an extensive array of parts, tyres and wheels. If your job requires a specific part or the item is not available, it can be ordered for you and your bike back on the road in a matter of days. Our aim is to "turn around" your bike in the least possible time for you, in the best condition possible


For help, information or to make a booking please contact us.

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Bike Assembly & Disassembly

We take great care when we work on your bike. Correct bike assembly and disassembly requires correct tools and specific training for specialist bikes like cargo, electric or folders. Our technicians have a wealth of experience working on a host of bike types

Brake Check & Adjustment

The most important part of any bike are the brakes so they need to be working properly. It's literally a matter of life and death! We can check and adjust your brakes to make them more effective or service them properly for you if they've seen better times. Don't compromise on your brakes!

Gear Check & Derailleur Adjustment

If you're going to tackle those hills, you'll want gears that work! We don't do voodoo, but if you can't make them work we have the tools and knowledge to do it for you. Book in for a derailleur alignment and gear check and see for yourself.

Headset Check & Adjustment

There is nothing worse than turning your bars and it not being silky smooth. A headset check and service is a relatively simple job but does require some specialist tools occasionally to fit & remove them or make an adjustment. Check your headset every ride and get it booked in if it needs attention.

Safety Inspection

Any bike we take in will be checked for safety. We'll carry out an inspection for damage and alignment on all your components, not just your frame and forks.

Tyre and Tube Repair

A tyre and tube repair can normally be done on the spot. It's just quicker for us to fit a new one there and then


Is your bike in good nick but not working quite right? It probably just needs a tune-up. Get it booked in and we'll make it sing again!

Wheel Alignment & Truing

The rumour is this is a dark art surrounded in mystique. The reality is you just need to know what you are doing and have the experience. We're not magicians though. If your wheel looks like a crisp, you'll need a new one!

Bicycle Fitting

It's not all about the spanners. If you just want a basic setup on your bike. New bars, maybe a different stem or just bicycle fitting advice, talk to us! We've been riding and selling bikes for years

Bicycle Wash

A clean bike will last you longer. It's a fact. Less wear and tear. We'll give your bicycle a wash if you ask us nicely but we may charge you. Think of it like a car, you don't get free car wash do you?

Custom Bicycle Build

Got a project you need help with? Creating your own unique bike? Great idea and we can help you with your custom bicycle build. We have the tools and parts to finish it off if necessary. Book it in and see your dream become a reality

Lube Service

Always lube up kids! It's important if you want your parts to last. Too much can be worse than not enough. Don't want the hassle or get your hands dirty? A clean, correctly lubed drivetrain can make cycling easier so book in for a lube service today!

Shock Service

To get the most out of your offroad riding you need an optimum fork and shock setup. It's not just air. It's not just sag and rebound adjustment, your shocks and forks need to be working properly too. A fork and shock service is a cost-effective way to keep your setup sweet and you ahead of your mates. Suspension isn't cheap, look after it